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Winter Trail Running

Around 100 km of winter hiking trails run through the Jungfrau Region and are ideal winter trail running terrain for novices and experienced runners alike. Sunny winter trails with breathtaking scenery await. The trails can be found at between 1,000 and around 2,700 metres above sea level. Eiger Ultra Trail is part of the Ultra Trail World Tour event that is held each Summer in Grindelwald.

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What the region has to offer

Grindelwald and the entire Jungfrau Region also have plenty to offer trail runners in winter, from a leisurely sunny trail to a 30 km long tour. Some trail running routes are also popular winter hiking and sledging trails. During peak season (Christmas until the end of February) and on weekends, the trails can be quite crowded. The winter hiking trails are marked with purple signposts and well maintained.


Running during the coldest time of the year? No problem, of course, if you have the right equipment and follow the safety precautions and warnings. Warm clothing is essential for running in winter, and the good old onion principle – wearing layers – has proven its worth. Of course, standard equipment also includes dry clothes and a mobile phone. It is also very important to choose the right shoes, spikes and trail running poles if necessary. A first aid kit is also a must for trail running.


  • Stay on the trails, this will make Nature happy.
  • Be considerate and yield to hikers & sledgers. The sledgers are much faster downhill anyway. Which is why we run along the edge of the slope. Be considerate of wildlife and respect protected areas
  • Leave no trace, get rid of your rubbish!
  • Check out the latest weather, avalanche and snow sports reports.
    And it goes without saying: don’t go down closed trails.
  • Respect the mountains and nature. The weather can change very quickly.

Eiger Selfness Hotel, Grindelwald.


Hotel Lauberhorn, Grindewald.


Parkhotel Schönegg, Grindelwald.


Eiger Collection Hotel Kirchbühl, Grindelwald.


Hotel Caprice, Grindelwald.


Hotel Alpenblick, Grindelwald


Spend the night where trail runners feel at home.

The selected trail running hotels in Grindelwald are fully equipped to meet the unique needs of trail runners. The hotel staff will be happy to give you information about various trails and help plan your routes. If you want to get an early start, the trail running hotels can organise an early bird breakfast for you.
Most hotels also offer a laundry service for your trail running outfit.

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