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Great cinema in the Jungfrau Region

Hiking package to the inspiration and filming locations

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A Blockbuster hiking package...

...through a uniquely varied region in the heart of Switzerland: through the Jungfrau Region. True home to great legends and heroes.

Day 1: Arrive for the Krimispass.

It is well known that we should warm up before any sporting activity. No problem. In Meiringen there is just the right thing for it: The «Krimispass». We can decide for ourselves when and where we want to investigate. All we need is our smartphone. That's all there is to it. Then we are led through the criminal case and can solve the mystery in a tour through Meiringen. All in the spirit of Sherlock Holmes.

  • Hiking tour: «Krimispass» Meiringen
  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Overnight stay: Meiringen
    Krimispass Meiringen

    Day 2: Flourish where Sherlock Holmes became immortal.

    It is May 4, 1891: Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty, the Napoleon of crime, face each other eye to eye at the Reichenbach Falls. The master detective writes his last letter to his faithful assistant Dr. John Watson. Then begins a fight to the death. At the precipice next to thundering masses of water the two opponents wrestle. A desperate outcry. Then they disappear into the spray of the 100 meter high waterfall. They are never found.

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the spiritual father of Sherlock Holmes, was a frequent visitor to the Bernese Oberland and Meiringen. He stayed at the «Hotel zum Wilden Mann». His enthusiasm for the landscape and especially for the roaring Reichenbach Falls led him to immortalize the waterfalls in «The Final Problem».

      • Hiking tour: Meiringen-Reichenbachfall-Rosenlaui-Schwarzwaldalp
      • Duration: approx. 3 hours
      • Overnight stay: Schwarzwaldalp 
      Kampf beim Reichenbachfall

      Day 3: Walk where the power is with you.

      Above Grindelwald, the Sith took revenge on the Jedi. No joke. The mountain world around Bachalpsee served as the basis for the planet Alderaan in «Star Wars: Episode III - The Revenge of the Sith». Home of Princess Leia. And no, we definitely don't have to be a Star Wars fan to feel the power. That happens automatically. Sure you do.

        • Hiking tour: Schwarzwaldalp-Grosse Scheidegg-First-Bachalpsee-Grindelwald
        • Duration: approx. 5 hours
        • Overnight stay: Grindelwald 

        Day 4: Relax where a place and a magician share the name.

        The municipality of Grindelwald has heard of wizards, after all Gandalf already walked through the Lauterbrunnen Valley on the big screen, but a wizard has never actually made it here. But this has now changed. The magic has definitely been awakened – in the shape of a fanatical magician. Gellert Grindelwald. But the Eiger village does not only serve as a namesake. No. A hike reveals numerous «fantastic» places. So it's no wonder that in «Crimes of Grindelwald» you can also see pictures from the region. All we have to do is walk on to Wengen. Then we see the place where it should be. The legendary castle Nurmengard. A building which Gellert Grindelwald himself has erected and which becomes his prison after his legendary duel with Dumbledore - until Lord Voldemort finally kills him.

        • Hiking tour: Grindelwald-Alpiglen-Eigertrail-Wengen 
        • Duration: approx. 3 hours
        • Overnight stay: Wengen
        Bergwelt der Jungfrau Region © David Birri

        Day 5: Trolls where Tolkien was inspired.

        In 1911, the 19-year-old J.R.R. Tolkien hikes through the Swiss Alps – and of course through the Lauterbrunnen Valley with its steep rockfaces. Hardly anyone knows that he found his inspiration for the landscape in «Lord of the Rings» here. Yes, really: those who know the books and films immediately have the feeling they've been thrown into Middle-Earth.

          • Hiking tour: Wengen-Lauterbrunnen-Mürren  
          • Duration: approx. 3 hours
          • Overnight stay: Mürren

          Day 6: Brunch where James Bond provided the action.

          The best Bond of all times. «On Her Majesty's Secret Service» plays in 1969 on the Schilthorn in the rotating restaurant, which was named «Piz Gloria» as a result of the film. The name lives on today. The film shows several highlights of the region which can still be found today. Pursuits, fashion, villains, cocktails, beauties from all over the world and lovers wanting to marry are just some of the highlights awaiting adventurous Bond fans at the Schilthorn Piz Gloria.

          • Excursion: Mürren-Schilthorn 
          • Individual departure


          - 5 nights in a hotel incl. half board
          - Luggage transport from hotel to hotel
          - Free entry to the glacier gorge Rosenlaui
          - Train ticket Grindelwald-Alpiglen
          - Ticket for Stechelberg-Schilthorn-Stechelberg
          - James Bond Brunch on the Schilthorn-Piz Gloria
          - Hiking documentary

          Reduction to:

          - Admission to the Aare Gorge
          - Ride with the Reichenbach Funicular
          - Gondola ride Grindelwald-First-Grindelwald

          Price per person: CHF 980 in a double room
          mid-June until mid-October

          Cooperation between Jungfrau Region Tourismus AG and alpavia.

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          Leimernweg 4
          CH - 3700   Spiez
          +41 78 852 25 03

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