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MTB Jungfrau Loop

Bike around the impressive Jungfrau Region

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The trail highlights in four days

On this stage tour you will experience the trail highlights of the Jungfrau Region in 4 days. Instead of heavy luggage, the unique and impressive panorama accompanies you day after day, your luggage will be transported comfortably from hotel to hotel.

The tour starts and ends in Grindelwald. In between you can expect classics such as the Kleine Scheidegg, the Lauberhorntrail, the Grosse Scheidegg and the Bachalpseetrail you ride through picturesque hamlets and villages in chalet style above all you enjoy during the four days on the bike stunning mountain and glacier views: Not only the world-famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, but many other 4000-meter peaks tower majestically next to the triumvirate and form with the rock, snow and eternal ice the mighty backdrop of a unique natural spectacle. The impressive views and fun trails have to be earned.
daily stages with up to 2000 meters of altitude are in the program. So you can definitely work up a sweat. Agony of choice: almost on each daily stage 2 beautiful variants are available, a direct and a longer and technically more demanding route.


Day 1 Grindelwald – Mürren

» Option 1: Direct tour 29 km, 1560 m altitude, 1650 m depth
» Option 2: Longer and technically more difficult tour 39 km, 2015 vertical meters, 2110 vertical meters

Today's tour starts with a longer ascent either you ride the 1100 meters of altitude directly to Kleine Scheidegg (GPS track 1a_direct) on the Schweizmobil or make the detour via Männlichen (GPS track 1a_heavy). This means an additional 400 vertical meters and 7 kilometers. The detour is worth it because of the sensational panorama on Männlichen and the subsequent flowing romantic trail, which means a lot of riding fun. On Kleine Scheidegg the hub to Jungfraujoch we turn away from the crowd and ride with impressive views of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau in the direction of Lauberhorn race course, world famous for the legendary ski race in winter. Parts of it are also rideable by bike. Over single trails you ride in the direction of Hundsschopf to Wengenalp. For the onward journey to Lauterbrunnen two variants are available. The technically easy variant (1b_direct) leads over forest paths and meadow trails, the difficult one (1b-difficult) over partly technically very demanding trails with hairpin bends, roots and steps. Caution especially in wet conditions the cross-lying wooden beams can be treacherous.

In Lauterbrunnen the large gondola lift is available for overcoming the next 700 meters in altitude. Those who have not yet ridden enough challenging descents for today can let off some steam on the challenging freeride route to Lauterbrunnen and then take the gondola lift again. Otherwise you roll comfortably the imposing panorama of the famous triumvirate Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau always in view, to Mürren (GPS 1c).

Day 2 Mürren – Wilderswil/Interlaken

» 37 km, 740 m altitude, 1800 m depth

As usual the tour day starts with an ascent. The 700 meters in altitude to the Rotstock hut are not rideable throughout. At the latest at lunch at the stone-built hut the exertions are forgotten and the upcoming descent with 1200 meters of depth conjure a smile on your face. Over the official trails you jet over stones and forest floor into the valley. A varied trail with tight turns, smaller steps and fluid sections awaits you, it ends at the legendary Basejump steep face in Lauterbrunnen. To finish the bike route leads along the Weisse Lütschine to our next stage destination in Wilderswil/Interlaken.

Day 3 Wilderswil/Interlaken - Meiringen

» Option 1: Direct tour 32 km, 600 m altitude, 580 m depth
» Option 2: Longer and technically more difficult tour 43 km, 1920 m altitutde, 1890 m depth

There are basically two options available for the first stage. The chilly and direct tour (GPS track 3_direct) leads along the signposted mountain bike route 451 along the northern shore of Lake Brienz. On the signalized bike route of 32 kilometers, however, there are still 600 meters of altitude difference the tour leads mostly on forest roads and paved bike paths. On the more difficult tour (GPS Track 3_schwer) there are 42 km and almost 2000 meters of altitude difference to be mastered, whereby after the first longer descent it is also possible to shorten the tour and comfortably roll along the Aare to Meiringen. Tough climbs are compensated with fun on the descents, mostly on meadow trails.

Day 4 Meiringen – Grindelwald

» Option 1: Direct tour (technically simple, without bus) 38 km, 1900 m altitude, 1400 m depth
» Option 2: Direct tour (technically simple, by bus to Rosenlaui) 28 km, 1200 m altitude, 1500 m depth
» Option 3: Difficult tour (trails, partial ascent by bus) 41 km, 1900 m altitude, 2200 m depth (additional 750 m altitude and 10 km by bus)

Option 1 - direct tour: If you want to complete the route under your own steam the best way is to take the direct route on Alpine Bikeroute 1 to Grosse Scheidegg (GPS 4a_direkt and 4b).

Option 2 - direct tour: If the 1900 meters altitude difference seems too much for one day's stage or if you want to take it easier take the post bus directly from Meiringen to Grindelwald in the morning and get off at Rosenlaui (or at an earlier or later stop). There it's worth taking a short walk to the legendary glacier gorge before conquering the further 630 meters in altitude by bike to Grosse Scheidegg. The onward journey is then as described below on Alpine Bikeroute 1 via First and the beautiful Bachalpsee trail. (GPS 4a_direct and 4b).

The day with the difficult Tourvarinate starts with a long ascent over alpine roads (GPS 4a_schwer). You have about 1300 vertical meters in your legs when you reach the Wandelalp. The high moor landscape is a real highlight for nature lovers. The descent into the Reichenbach valley is a pleasure and only in places a bit more challenging. Arrived on the road to Grosse Scheidegg we now recommend getting on the Postbus to recharge your batteries for the last meters of altitude and trails of the day on the spectacular ride up Grosse Scheidegg. From Grosse Scheidegg (GPS 4b) the bike trail leads via First to Bachalpsee the most photographed mountain lake in the Alps. The GPS track runs on the hiking trail depending on the time of day and weather there can be

Depending on the time of day and weather there may be many hikers on the road in which case it is advisable to switch to the signposted official mountain bike route Alpine Bike 1. After the photo stop at the lake you need to concentrate for the descent on fantastic and very varied trails to Grindelwald. The 1,100 deep meters over alpine trails, root stretches and trails are the crowning end of the day.


  • 4 overnight stays (Grindelwald, Mürren, Wilderswil/Interlaken, Meiringen) in a double room incl. breakfast
  • 4 dinners
  • 4 luggage transfers (Grindelwald-Mürren, Mürren-Wilderswil/Interlaken, Wilderswil/Interlaken - Meiringen, Meiringen-Grindelwald)
  • GPS-Tracks for 4 day tours 

CHF 870 per person in a double room - a rental MTB can be booked if required.

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Leimernweg 4
CH - 3700   Spiez
+41 78 852 25 03

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