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Thrill Walk

 At the Birg middle station

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Adrenaline par excellence

If you start from Mürren and head towards Schilthorn, you will arrive at the Birg middle station after the first gondola ride. There we recommend to plan a longer stop to experience the Thrill Walk.
The installation guarantees a higher pulse for everyone who dares to cross it.

The approximately 200 metre long rock footbridge was built along the vertical drop into the rock. The construction of steel and glass as well as a floor made of gratings blends seamlessly into the angular rock landscape.

We recommend a visit to the Thrill Walk for about 45 minutes. Of course, we have included some time for spectacular photos.

Opening hours

The Thrill Walk is open during the operating hours of the Schilthorn cable car.
It runs all year round with the exception of a few weeks of maintenance in the off-season (usually in May and November).

In the event of heavy snowfall, the footbridge must first be cleared in the morning, which may take some time.


Access to the Thrill Walk is free of charge.
The only costs are for the trip to Birg. In summer the middle station is also accessible on foot.


In addition to the iron grid, of which the footbridge and staircase are largely made up, there are around 20 metres of glass floor, cattle grid elements and a nine metre long rope bridge complete with safety net. An eight-metre long crawling tunnel completes the experience.


The entrance to the Thrill Walk is on the side of the Panorama Terrace at Birg Station.
After 200 metres of thrills and spills, you reach the end of the footbridge further down. From there a gravel path (snow-covered in winter) leads up to the station building.
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Schilthornbahn AG
Lengwald 301
CH - 3824   Stechelberg
+41 33 826 00 07

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