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Top Attractions

No worries. We've got them too. The top attractions. We're even tempted to say that we have some of the most well-known and impressive trip destinations.    

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The railway baron and his unfinished business.

Many Swiss people have done it already. And ever more foreigners are doing it now, too. Mostly they do it alone. In the train. They visit the Jungfraujoch-Top of Europe.

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How a mountain becomes an icon.

The best Bond of all times. «On Her Majesty's Secret Service» plays in 1969 on the Schilthorn in the rotating restaurant, which was named «Piz Gloria» as a result of the film.

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Alpentower Luftaufnahme, David Birri

The observation points in Haslital. Alpen tower.

Wow. Up here, Haslital really is lying at our feet. We won't describe the view now. You have to experience that yourself.

Alpen tower

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