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Themed Routes

There they are, walking, deeply absorbed. The whole family. All laughing and having fun. Love, peace and harmony. Really? What reality are you living in? Let's be honest. Walking is boring for children. Well, luckily we've got our themed routes. They're loads of fun.

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Familie Muggenstutz

The big world of the little Muggestutz.

He's at home in Haslital. Our Muggestutz. We can immerse ourselves in the mythical world of the dwarves on two adventure paths. 

Liselotte die Kuh

Lieselotte up on Männlichen.

Impossible. We definitely can't miss the Lieselotte on Männlichen. She is just huge. Together with her friends, the chickens, we can accompany her on her first hike through the Alps.

Sherlock Holmes Statue

Sherlock Holmes Path.

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Wengen Royalwalk

Royal Walk.

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Further inspiration.

One foot in front of the other, that's right. For hours on end. And please don't trip. Falling brings you back to reality with a bump. Is hiking really so dull? Rubbish, on our themed routes there's more than enough variety.

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