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All About Winter Camping

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 55

Camping in Switzerland is especially popular in summer, but also in spring and autumn. But not many think of winter if they hear camping – it’s cold, small and uncomfortable, to stay in a campervan in winter. Or maybe not? With the right equipment and in particular the right mindset, winter camping can be an incredible experience!

Why you should try winter camping

Everyone knows it: the feeling, when it’s been snowing the whole night and, in the morning, you can see the fresh snow through the window. Wouldn’t it be even nicer, if you step into the fresh snow, as soon as you open the door?

Here are 5 more reasons, why you should try winter camping.

#1 In winter, you can really feel nature and the season

In winter, everything is calmer and quieter – and is there anything better than being in the middle of it all and just enjoy the calm?

#2 It’s cozy and beautiful

With a campervan, you can take a piece of home with you, wherever you go. This could be your own pillow, the best coffee, or your wardrobe – a campervan has a lot more space than a suitcase!

#3 The food tastes better in winter

Have you ever noticed that the same food tastes better in winter than in summer? You appreciate a hearty stew or a fondue a lot more in winter than in summer, because our body focuses on the essentials in the cold.

Also: Is there anything better in winter than drinking some punch, mulled wine or hot chocolate after a long day? Thanks to a campervan, you can prepare everything exactly how you like it the most and you don’t have to go out into the cold.

#4 When winter camping together, the sense of community improves

Usually the highlights of (camping) summer holidays are the activities that you do. Especially in families, the interests of each member are different, which is why sometimes you don’t see much of each other the whole day. This is different in winter because the days are shorter. You see a lot more of each other, when you get together in the cosy warmth of the campervan, cook together or play games.

#5 The landscape is impressive

Most of the campsites have an incredible location, which is almost impossible to beat by another accommodation.

If these points have convinced you, it might be time to try out winter camping! Just don’t expect the same as in summer but be open for a new experience.

Here are 5 tips on how your first winter camping experience will be a success

#1 Vehicle suitable for winter

It’s probably clear to everyone that a little more emphasis needs to be places on the equipment of the campervan in winter than in summer. Of course, the vehicle has to be equipped with winter tyres, and depending on where the campsite is located, snow chains should not be missing either. In addition, the interior must also be winter proof; heating on board is essential, and good insulation should also be ensured. This can be supported by thermal mats or an awning.

#2 Regular shock ventilation

Keeping your campervan warm is the top priority when winter camping. However, you shouldn’t forget that you should ventilate from time to time. This prevents dampness and an unpleasant smell. It is best to air the caravan twice a day, briefly but properly.

#3 Remove snow and ice from the roof and awning of your campervan

Don’t underestimate the weight of snow on the roof. Wet snow can become quite heavy and should be removed from the roof regularly. A thin layer of fresh snow, however, can help with insulation.

#4 Warm clothes and accessories

Of course, good shoes, enough warm socks, thermal underwear, hat and gloves should not be missing in any winter holidays. When camping, it is even more important to be well equipped. As soon as the sun shines, you will want to sit outside and enjoy the sunrays. That’s why it’s smart to pack seat cushions, fleeces and cosy blankets for the camping chairs. Thermal bottles, hand warmers and hot-water bottles are also good accessories. This will keep you nice and warm even when it’s windy and wet.

#5 Water

The water in your camper van or motorhome can freeze quickly in winter. As long as the camper is heated, this is not a problem. However, if the camper is left for a few days or the water is stored in a par of the camper that is not heated, it is important to remember to drain the water.

Winter camping in the Jungfrau Region

The following campsites in the Jungfrau Region are open in winter and are the ideal starting points for all kinds of winter activities.

Camping Jungfrau in Lauterbrunnen

The campsite Jungfrau in Lauterbrunnen is located directly in the Lauterbrunnen valley with a great view of the Staubbach Falls. Next to the campsite, there is a cross-country ski trail that leads from Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg and back again. The ski areas Wengen – Grindelwald and Mürren – Schilthorn are also nearby and can be reached easily.

Hofstatt-Derfli Hasliberg

The campsite Hofstatt-Derfli on the Hasliberg is the ideal starting point for skiing holidays on the Hasliberg. Camping guests can also use the campsite’s own cross-country ski trail free of charge. Regular technique training courses for classic and skating technique are offered.

Camping Grund Innertkirchen

The campsite Grund is located in Innertkirchen, at the foot of the Grimsel and Susten Alpine passes. The village centre, where you will find services such as a supermarket, post office, a bakery and various restaurants, is a five-minute walk away. The ski area Meiringen – Hasliberg is only six kilometres from the campsite.

Alpencamping Meiringen

The campsite is located on the edge of the Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site in the midst of unspoilt nature. The ski area Meiringen – Hasliberg can be reached quickly from this campsite and other winter activities such as winter hiking and snowshoeing can also be started from the campsite.

Attention: Because of the current Covid-Regulations, some of the campsites don’t offer tourist pitches at the moment. For the current opening times and availabilities it’s best to contact the campsite directly.

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