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MiniMuseum Mürren

Discovering a museum on a stroll.

MiniMuseum Mürren

CH - 3825   Mürren

Härpfel - statt Frieligsferie

The unique shop-window museum gives anyone interested access to the history and stories of Mürren. It shows culturally and historically important rooms and buildings and establishes a social-historical link to the present. The Minimuseum Mürren is a showcase exhibition in German, which is renewed annually.

130 years of children in Mürren and Gimmelwald
The exhibition shows the life of children from the end of the 19th century until today.

In the comprehensive school they learn not only basic school subjects but also practical skills such as handicrafts, handicrafts and social skills. Christmas parties and school plays are unforgettable. There is little free time or holidays. The meagre household income means that the children are intensively involved in the family's everyday life, working in the fields, in the stables, doing household chores, running errands, in small businesses and looking after tourists. Skiing is the most important sporting activity, because gymnasiums and playgrounds were only available from the 1960s onwards, the indoor swimming pool from the 1980s onwards. Social differences between girls and boys, peasant and other families or "noble" visitors decrease over time. At the same time, the decline of the regional economy leads to the dismantling of infrastructures (school, recreational facilities, apprenticeship and job opportunities, affordable housing, shops) and to migration. In 1964 there were 70 schoolchildren in Mürren and 24 in Gimmelwald, in 2019/20 there will be 19 and 7 respectively. After the school location in Mürren is to be closed, a basic school is now planned from 2022.

From 29 December 2020 to 30 November 2021, the exhibition will be dedicated to the children in Mürren and Gimmelwald.

Opening hours

The museum can be visited at any time.


The visit is free of charge.


The ten display cases are located on different places in Mürren and Gimmelwald.

Shop window Mürren
1. Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen–Mürren  Google Maps
2. Alpine Sports Centre, next to the reception Google Maps
3. Palace Google Maps
4. Schnitzlerhiisi Google Maps
5. and 6. Old carpentry Google Maps
7. Station Schilthorn cableway Google Maps
8. House Steinbock, next to Coop Google Maps

Shop window Gimmelwald
9. Station Schilthorn cableway Google Maps
10. Pension Gimmelwald Google Maps

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MiniMuseum Mürren

CH - 3825   Mürren

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