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4 Winter Activities For Non-Skiers

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 21

Winter is coming…

This means that many skiers and snowboarders are drawn to the beautiful snow-covered mountains. But we think that those who aren't safe on one or two boards shouldn't miss out. So here are 4 activities that make sure non-skiers also get their share of the winter fun:

#1 Winter hiking

More precisely, winter hiking and snowshoeing – both are possible in the Jungfrau Region. The second one is often even more idyllic, even more remote...but also more exhausting haha.

We have winter hiking trails for everyone. Comfortable walks or longer tours. The trails have purple signs and are well prepared. Please don't go on closed trails (mostly due to avalanches) and don't leave the marked paths. For your own safety. Plus the wild animals will thank you if you don't stress them in winter.

Discover our winter hiking trails

For the snowshoeing there are even guided tours. Sometimes even at full moon. A unique experience. Equipment can be rented in most sports shops in the region.
To the snowshoe tours

#2 Sledging

Of course there are also pistes in a smaller form. And not only for skiing or snowboarding. For example for tobogganing – possible in every skiing area with us. It used to be a common means of transport in mountain areas. Today it mainly provides one thing: A lot of fun.

Discover our toboggan runs

We even have more to offer than usual sleighs. The so called «Velogemel» from Grindelwald is a funny looking vehicle. Like a winter bicycle, made out of wood. You have to try it out!
Find out more about the history of the Velogemel here.

#3 Fun on the ice

Caution, slippery!
Ice on the streets can cause you to land on your bottom hard and unpleasantly. Perfectly prepared ice combined with the right equipment can cause a lot of fun though.

Be it curling or ice skating. There are ice rinks in almost every village in the Jungfrau Region. Most of them are even outdoors – that means you can take turns or play curling stones all while admiring wonderful snow-covered mountain peaks. Have fun...and if you do fall: No worries, get up and go on.

To the ice rinks

To the curling rinks

By the way: Many facilities can be used free or reduced with the guest card. Equipment can be rented on site.

#4 Cross-country skiing

Probably the closest thing to skiing here. Cross-country skiing is usually a bit relaxed – at least for beginners, professionals can be rather quick. In any case it's a great alternative activity in winter. And who knows, maybe you'll really enjoy and start doing it regularly. Definitely not the dumbest thing to do to lose a couple of pounds after all the Christmas treats haha.

Our cross-country skiing routes

You can also rent equipment in the usual sports shops. By the way, there's even a cross-country ski run in the Haslital that is specially illuminated in the evening.

As you can see, there's something for everyone in our Winter Wonderland. So come and visit us!

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