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Happy New Year!

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 26

And once again a year has passed...

First of all we would like to thank our guests who have visited our beautiful region from all over the world this year!

At the end of a year you always have a lot of thoughts...
The world moves fast. Very fast. Sometimes you get the feeling it's moving in the wrong direction though. Or backwards. Hm, it makes you wonder...
Many people in the world are worse off than us here in the Jungfrau Region. Or generally in Switzerland. We should be really grateful to live here. It's truly an oasis in a world where so many terrible things happen. You have to remember that sometimes. 

So we should value our region. Our guests too. We shouldn't lose the demand on ourselves. We should try to focus on quality and authenticity. Therefore, our guests should be able to experience great stays here. The grand orchestra of tourism organisations, local businesses, guests, economy, politics, culture and environment isn't easy. Not at all. It depends on many factors and sometimes you don't hit the same notes. But you have to stay positive, constantly question yourself and try to improve things.
In the end, it should be pleasant for everyone involved. You may call that dreaming – suiting to our landscapes. We mean you could also call this a dreamland, look for yourself:

More proof needed?
No problemo...

Now here are some new things for you to discover in 2020:

There's the new Männlichen gondola for example, which has been in operation for a few weeks now. Together with the new train terminal at Grindelwald Grund. This enables guests to reach the ski and hiking area more quickly and comfortably. Those who still knew the old gondola will be pleased to see that there are still some «Ricola gondolas». Just in a new look.

By the way: the «Eiger Express», the second part of the so-called V-Cableway project, will open in December 2020. The new gondolas will take you from Grindelwald Grund up to Eigergletscher.

The next one is a slightly smaller project. But hey, no worse for wear. Pfingstegg is a great excursion mountain in Grindelwald, especially for families. You can reach the top in a few minutes and already have a great view of the village. There's also a popular summer toboggan run up here. The offer up here will be extended by the Pfingstegg Fly-Line. Not open yet cause it's still winter but: come and check it out next summer. Oh and don't worry, the ride's quite comfortable.

After an eventful day, you need a nice place to rest your head. The new Gadmer Lodge is a down-to-earth mountain hotel with alpine charm. Nature lovers, families, hikers, mountain bikers, cross-country skiers, mountaineers or people who just seek a bit of peace and quiet: book here and you can enjoy the impressive mountain world on countless paths and well-marked hiking trails directly from the hotel.
The lodge is located, as the name suggests, in Gadmen in the Haslital valley.

Honestly, the end of a year always seems a bit weird as well. People usually go a little crazy, everyone's a little nervous. Although the universe doesn't really care about that. Same as the mountains, which are standing tall in our valleys.
January 1st itself isn't a groundbreaking date. Yet that time of year's different. You enjoy your days off, time with the family, there's a lot of partying. It's also a time of reviving ancient customs. In our region, for example, it's the «Ubersitz» in Meiringen. Evil spirits of the old year are driven away here. An absolute highlight for people living in the Haslital valley. Truly a unique thing, maybe ask a local about it while you're there haha.

So, superstition or not – a lot of people wanna get rid of their burdens at the end of the year. That's quite normal. Change however, is constant. You won't have achieved all your goals by January 2nd. And who says that next year everything's gonna be different or better. Basically, everything stays the same. Or not. The important thing's your attitude. A new year can be a good opportunity. To gather and reassemble. You can start to make little changes. And increase steadily. Instead of all at once. But that's just a thought...

Anyway, we hope you're off to a flying start to the new year!

Why not go on a little adventure once? Whatever that is for you. Just do it.
Try to be out in the nature a lot as well. It's nice, it's healthy, it's fun. And it often makes you realize how small we actually are. Standing in front of a mountain or a huge forest.

Preferably, your adventure should take place in the Jungfrau Region.
Just saying haha...

Also important: take your time to relax and unwind.
A lot of pressure, a lot of stress. It's normal in our society. 

Recharge your batteries. So you're ready to face the clouds.

Now there's only one thing left to say: Take care of yourselves and others, stay healthy and CHEERS!

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