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4 Cow Facts

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 31

Cows are cool! This is our main reason why we dedicate today's Listicle to our four-legged friends. What would Switzerland and especially a mountain region like the Jungfrau Region be without cows? Right, it would still be a beautiful mountain region but without the sound of cowbells, without cheese and without decorated cows walking through the village. That would be a pity - that's why we take this chance to say thank you to all the farm animals in our region with those 4 facts below.

#1 In the Jungfrau Region you can become cow sponsor

You can become part of sustainable cheese production as godfather or godmother of a cow.  Your cow spends the summer on the alp and feeds on healthy grass and herbs. The alpine dairyman milks the animal and processes the milk into tasty cheese directly on the alp. You can pick up this cheese in autumn at the Chästeilet. You can find more information here.

#2 In the Jungfrau Region, cows travel by gondola

The small, almost nostalgic cable car Isenfluh-Sulwald has been in use since 1975 and offers space for eight people or a cow - a «little train» of a special kind, connected with local life.

#3 Cows are the hidden stars in Switzerland

The Swiss cows spend the hot summer on the alpine meadows, where they can eat all they want. But as soon as the days get shorter, it gets uncomfortably cold on the alp and our four-legged friends must go back down to the valley. So, in mid-September the whole village meets and celebrates the return of the animals, which are decorated with flowers, ribbons and bells, at the so called «Alpabzug»

#4 More cows than people

There are over 700,000 cows in Switzerland. With a population of 8.57 million inhabitants, this means that one in twelve has a cow. Of course, the cows mostly live in herds on farms, so it is rumoured that in some villages in Switzerland there are more cows than people.

Cover Photo: Fotoclub Haslital – Claudia Glatthard
Photo #4: Schweiz Tourismus

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